Zimi Charge – SI partnership kicks off

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Earlier this year we welcomed Zimi Charge both as a new partner and as a new tenant at the SI. Together we will pilot transitioning our fleet to electric vehicles to continue transporting the children and youth in our education programmes, and assist with framework development and carbon measurements, a youth mentorship programme and securing internships for youth.

Zimi Charge powers businesses’ transition to electric vehicles (EVs), providing the support, software, and infrastructure as they scale to more sustainable options. It also offers carbon tracking and monitoring insights that allows fleet operators to optimise their fleet’s operational behavior including charging patterns and energy usage.

During the P4G funding period, Zimi Charge intends to run pilots with 18 fleet customers and prove out an operational model for fleet electrification in South Africa. It will work with the SI to transition all campus transportation services to an electric fleet.

In line with South Africa’s commitment to a just transition, we will enroll 40 students in a youth mentorship program tailored to developing skills and employment opportunities for youth in the new energy sector. We will also secure 10 internships for students in the program. Furthermore we will support Zimi Charge in establishing an Environmental, Social and Governance framework and lead on developing a carbon standard for South African fleets, while engaging with the relevant government and regulatory bodies to assist in improving the enabling environment in South Africa for electric fleets.

The partnership comprises the following partners: Zimi Charge (lead business partner); Sustainability Institute (lead administrative partner); Holocene. To find out more, read here. Also follow Zimi Charge on LinkedIn to stay up to date with this exciting programme!