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Gather together

A range of facilities and spaces are available to hire for events, workshops and other meetings. In addition, unique garden or food experiences can be organised for a team building event with a difference.

    Garden experiences

    Tour: enjoy a guided tour of the food garden

    Stories of food: the Food Revolution exhibition installed around the garden tell a strong story of the broken food system experienced globally.

    Biodiversity: the indigenous woodlands surrounding the gardens improve and preserve biodiversity. It is home to many animals, and the paths through the woodlands provide an opportunity for solitude and connection to nature.

    Wetland: Our biolytic water treatment system is a living system that uses nature’s ecological processes to sanitise water, while reducing energy use, materials use and effort.

    Indigenous garden: An indigenous and wild food garden serves to facilitate discussions on climate change adaptation and food security, preserving and valuing indigenous knowledge and to encourage our visitors to grow edible wild foods in their own gardens. Learn about indigenous medicinal and aromatic plants as well.

    Food experiences

    Harvest and preserve: our harvesting and food preservation activities foster a spirit of community through harvesting together, and engaging in food preservation activities. Groups may book this event as a stand-alone activity or as part of a full-day event. The activity will introduce you to making your own stocks, preserves and growing new plants from cuttings.

    Wild and indigenous food:

    • Wild and indigenous food tour – introduction to foods growing in our food garden and woodlands and how to use them
    • Wild and indigenous foraging & food preparation – introduction to wild and indigenous foods, with a food preparation session that incorporates these foods into a meal prepared together
    • Wild and indigenous aromatic drinks preparation – introduction to the indigenous aromatic herbs and plants growing in our garden, with a session on infusing them into drinks and making your own tea blends

    Harvest table lunch inspired by a fusion of local, seasonal, indigenous and wild foods.

    Guided harvest and permaculture information session: harvest your own organically grown vegetables and herbs and enjoy an introductory talk on our permaculture inspired methods.