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Spaces that inspire and create community

We are deeply rooted in our space, Lynedoch Ecovillage, where we also offer a range of meeting spaces, lecture halls and outdoor venues for any event, accompanied by outdoor experiences, breathtaking views, organic food and a friendly community.

Green Cafè

The Green Café is passionate about providing delicious food that promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. We offer a range of beverages and home-made healthy snacks and light meals. Our doors are always open for visitors.


Our gardens are an interactive teaching and learning space that grow organic, fresh produce. The food garden is situated on a half hectare of land, managed by Yoliswa Mahobe and our grounds team. The fresh veggies produced go into our Farm to Fork school feeding programmes, as well as being sold to the our catering team. Here, we have a living example of how to grow and sell vegetables on a very small scale.

Our food garden is also used as an integrated learning space for children across our learning programmes, the Agroecology Academy learners, and Stellenbosch University students who start each day of lectures with an hour of community work, often in the gardens. This is part of our broader approach to learning where we try to create a mix of experiences across a diversity of social worlds that are rarely connected together in a single space.


The woodland s a natural sanctuary and has been in creation since the early 2000’s. Over the years hundreds of trees, plants and shrubs – all indigenous – have been planted by students, staff and visitors to help regenerate the ecosystem and create a protected space that can be enjoyed by all, humans and animals alike.

Lynedoch Eco-Village

Lynedoch is pioneering approaches to creating socially diverse ecological communities. The Eco-Village is an ecologically designed, socially mixed community built around a learning precinct. It is a mixed community of 30 families from diverse racial and social economic groups built around a child-centred learning precinct, that is a financially and economically viable community requiring no external funding to sustain itself. It is also a working example of a livable ecologically designed urban system that challenges the notion that sustainable development and ecological building is too expensive. Various ecological design approaches have been integrated into the building of the Eco-Village. https://lynedochecovillage.wordpress.com/

A beautiful space for meetings, workshops and events

The Sustainability Institute is a space for sustainable living and learning. Venue hire is available for visiting groups and organisations. We have a range of meeting spaces, lecture halls and outdoor venues for any event, ranging from a small meeting to a large conference.  

Our Farm2Fork catering programme uses local and organic ingredients where possible, and can tailor a menu for your event.  Farm2Fork is our community-based catering enterprise seeking to connect us to our plate. Our passion for food – what it means to our bodies to eat well and eat fresh – informs our belief that food tastes better when it is grown without chemicals but rather from rich, healthy soil.

Our menus are proudly vegetarian and are informed by the seasonal produce grown in our onsite organic garden and in the wider Lynedoch valley network of organic farms. The rest of our ingredients we source as much as possible from local producers so that it is fresh and supports our surrounding community. When served on request, we strive to ensure that our meat is free-range or from our biodynamic neighbours.

We recognise that how and where we choose to source our ingredients has an impact on the food chain. We hope that by training aspiring young farmers in our garden to bring food straight from the farm to your fork, we are investing in building sustainable livelihoods and resilient local food economies.