Food garden 2019


Our gardens are an interactive teaching and learning space that grow organic, fresh produce for the Lynedoch community. The food gardens are situated on a ½ hectare of land in the Lynedoch Ecovillage, managed by Yoliswa Mahobe and the grounds team. The fresh veggies produced go into our Farm to Fork school feeding programmes, as well as being sold to the SI Hospitality catering team. Any excess produce is sold at the Green Café, so enquire there if you’re on the hunt for local, organically-grown produce. As production grows we aim to provide stock to the Green Café more regularly, as well as supply the broader local community, as a living example of how to grow and sell vegetables on a very small scale.

Our food garden is also used as an integrated learning space for the young children in our Early Childhood Development programme, the Agroecology Academy learners, and Stellenbosch University students who start each day of lectures with an hour of community work, often in the gardens. This is part of our broader approach to learning where we try to create a mix of experiences across a diversity of social worlds that are rarely connected together in a single space.


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