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Author Loubie Rusch has been exploring the forgotten and underutilised local indigenous foods of the Cape since 2010. She has shared about growing and cooking with them through social media, workshops and talks for many years. The 2 Guides described below are collaborations with the Sustainability Institute and the Local WILD Food Hub. They bring much  more comprehensive information about growing and using Cape foods than she was able to share previously. 

Cape Wild Foods: A Growers Guide by Loubie Rusch

The Growers Guide is aimed at small farmers and home gardeners and brings them plant and cultivation information as well as images about a selection of 22 local indigenous food plants. The aim of the book is to encourage people to get to know and grow some of our local indigenous wild foods of the Cape that have fallen out of use in post colonial times.

RETAIL PRICE: R300 per copy

Cape Wild Foods: A Cook’s Guide by Loubie Rusch

The Cooks Guide is the sequel and culinary compendium to the Growers guide, covering the same 22 plants. It is aimed at home and professional cooks, bringing them ingredient information, menu and cooking ideas and recipes to follow about local foods they may be intrigued by, but are not sure how to use in cooking. 

RETAIL PRICE: R400 per copy

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