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​This year we are excited to offer a short course on Reimagining Education! Through a week spent together at the Sustainability Institute, we will explore how learning unfolds – both conventionally and practically, and dig more deeply into movements to decolonise and re-connect learning to the living world we form an intimate part of.

We will unpack the theories underneath not just alternative, but more appropriate, approaches to learning across the human lifespan, and hope to offer practical pathways forward for those interested in understanding their own, and facilitating with others, transformative learning experiences. Come prepared to co-explore not just the what and the how, but also the why, of education and learning.


Target Group

This short course is aimed at people that work in the facilitation and education spheres.

Date and Time

31 August to 5 September 2020


Dr Jess Schulschenk, Vanessa von der Heyde and Eduardo Shimahara

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