Luke Metelerkamp

Document type: SI Research & Publications

Compiled by Luke Metelerkamp on behalf of the Sustainability Institute for EY Food Systems Series: Thought leadership for corporate engagement in global food systems.

Food system series: Paper V. February 2014. This paper argues that there is no possibility of overcoming African food insecurity or transforming Africa into a vibrant agricultural powerhouse if current trends in soil degradation are not arrested and actively reversed. This issue is not just of relevance to agricultural companies; through its direct connection to food prices and rural employment opportunities, soil degradation will drive inflation and unemployment across the continent.

Within this series

  • Paper I: A sustainability review of the global food system
  • Paper II: Making sense of under-nutrition and over-consumption: agenda setting for sustainability in the food sector
  • Paper III: 1913 land act – The state of South African land ownership 100 years on
  • Paper IV: Consolidation in the food system – risks, responsibilities and opportunities
  • Paper V: Soil and sustainability – what every CSR manager needs to know

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