Luke Metelerkamp

Year: 2014

Document type: SI Research & Publications

Compiled by Luke Metelerkamp on behalf of the Sustainability Institute for EY Food Systems Series: Thought leadership for corporate engagement in global food systems.

Food system series: Paper II. February 2014. As the severity of the challenges surrounding food systems increases, in particular issues relating to the pricing of, access to and preferences for nutritious food, so too will the challenges facing business in regions where food system dysfunction is most acute. In order to better understand the implications this could have for the private sector, this report seeks to outline the complex linkages between nutrition, society, business and the environment.

Within this series

  • Paper I: A sustainability review of the global food system
  • Paper II: Making sense of under-nutrition and over-consumption: agenda setting for sustainability in the food sector
  • Paper III: 1913 land act – The state of South African land ownership 100 years on
  • Paper IV: Consolidation in the food system – risks, responsibilities and opportunities
  • Paper V: Soil and sustainability – what every CSR manager needs to know