Luke Metelerkamp

Document type: SI Research & Publications

EY Food Systems Series: Thought leadership for corporate engagement in global food systems.

Food system series: Paper I. March 2013. From our soils to our value chains, the global food system exists in a state of increasing dysfunctionality. The simple facts speak volumes about what is not working: one in six children are undernourished, yet one in four are overweight. As renowned food activist and academic, Raj Patel recognises: “for the first time in human history, tomorrow’s generation is predicted to die younger because of today’s food system”. Unlike other pressing challenges, such as climate change and rapid ecosystem degradation which manifest themselves largely as external problems for which society will pay tomorrow for today’s sins, the crisis of our food systems presents a very present and tangible threat to business operations globally.

Within this series

  • Paper I: A sustainability review of the global food system
  • Paper II: Making sense of under-nutrition and over-consumption: agenda setting for sustainability in the food sector
  • Paper III: 1913 land act – The state of South African land ownership 100 years on
  • Paper IV: Consolidation in the food system – risks, responsibilities and opportunities
  • Paper V: Soil and sustainability – what every CSR manager needs to know

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