Training of Teams of Trainers (ToToT)

Status: Completed
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IFOAM-Organics International’s Train a Teams of Trainers (ToToT) in Southern Africa aims to further the objective of enhancing knowledge and skills of selected Master Trainers who will train Rural Service Provides (RSPs) and change agents in strengthening ecological organic agriculture in Africa.

The ToToT programme focuses on both the methodology of training and capacity building, in order to assist and guide the trainers in bringing their message and content across to trainees in the most effective and efficient way. The ToToT is based on the needs of the participants, the range of understanding and skills, and the requirements. The ToToT looks at actual content, curricula, and technical topics and organics that inspires the training. Although the ToToT is designed by IFAOM, the SI supported the facilitation and teaching of the ToToT in South Africa, in addition to logistical implementation. SI supported five training courses for a national team of Master Trainers, who will in turn train RSPs and change agents in strengthening the ecological organic agriculture in Africa in their respective regions and Countries.


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