Carbon and Water Footprint Guide

SI Team: Dr Marco Lotz, Prof Alan Brent
Status: Completed
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Increased pressure on all organisations demands intentional strategies to act on climate change and other environmental issues. In terms of the latter, in the South African context, the impact on water resources is a crucial aspect of sustainability reporting. There is, however, very little user-friendly, open-source information available for practitioners or the novice to calculate their environmental impact on carbon and/or water footprints. Nedbank has therefore requested a re-publish of the Carbon Footprinting Guide as a practical “how-to manual” for calculating a carbon footprint, and to add a section on water footprint calculation.

The version 4 update aims to build on internationally accepted principles whilst focusing on South African conditions. The SI researched the most recent and best practice methods of carbon footprint calculations, including researching and drafting a new section on water footprint calculations.


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