Sustainability strategy for Bloem Water

SI Team: Thomas van Viegen
Status: Complete
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The Sustainability Institute facilitated a one day workshop to introduce the board and executives to sustainability and its implications for 21st Century businesses, and to identify potential next steps for Bloem Water. The workshop covered an introduction to the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing organisations today; an overview of South Africa’s sustainability challenges and responses, including corporate governance and sustainability expectations of organisations; selected frameworks to guide principles and decision making, including the multiple capitals model, the embedding sustainability framework and the guide to contextualised strategy processes; examples of leading practices in South Africa and group exercises to explore the imperative and way forward for Bloem Water. A report was prepared for Bloem Water that served as a primer for the development of an organisational strategy and provided a broad framework for them to consider in pursuit of a more sustainable business transition.

Dates: 2018
Bloem Water
Sustainable Infrastructure