The Food (R)evolutions exhibition

SI Team: Luke Metelerkamp, Gwen Meyer
Status: Complete
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This exhibition was curated to raise interest in food system issues in Africa, and to showcase the transdisciplinary research methodologies used by the ACCAI partner universities. By blending photography and videos, narrative theory and contemporary perspectives on African food systems we hoped to legitimise the use of alternative forms of ‘texts’ as important research vehicles, well suited to the co-generation of knowledge with non-academic communities.

Visitors to the exhibition are introduced to the images and videos as follows: Food (R)evolutions pays tribute to the period of hyper-evolution in which the African continent and its food system currently finds itself as well as the positive, revolutionary, potential of this position. This visual journey across the continent’s food system uses the diets of day to day citizens from all walks of life as a broad research text to which viewers are invited to apply a number of more specific systemic lenses. The lens the child, the city, politics, power, climate change, all act as themes to which the viewer is invited to contribute.

The exhibition has travelled to Mekelle (Ethiopia), Stockholm, Johannesburg, Spier Wine Farm (Stellenbosch), Stellenbosch University campus and the Company Gardens (Cape Town). It is now permanently installed at the Sustainability Institute. The dedicated website is


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