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Unlocking individual potential in a practical way

The Lynedoch Youth Hub is our dedicated Dream Space where young adults can find their paths in ways that generate hope.

This programme seeks to support and inspire high school and school leaving youth to choose positive life paths, and discover their full potential through academic support, education, fun and nature in a nurturing and creative environment. We use nature as our teacher, engage in issues of sustainability, encourage a broader world view, instill responsibility and respect, and help youth develop their passions through dedication and persistence.

Along with out high school after school programme, we also work with youth-in-transition from Lynedoch Valley who need a little extra bit of support to pursue work opportunities and become independent. All our youth are exposed to a network of options, which they can tap into once they are ready to pursue new interests.

With everything we do, we are creating change agents in the Lynedoch Valley, one youth at a time.

Additional activities

Lynedoch United Football Club

There are 40 youth members in the club that meet twice a week for training, and take part in matches over weekends. We also have a senior soccer team with 23 members that compete in the Promotional League which is managed by SAFA Cape Winelands.


Swimming lessons


Our younger children go for swimming lessons in summer, to ensure that they can play safely in the water when swimming in dams on farms.

Knitting club

The Lynedoch knitting club provides essential support and community to the elderly in the Lynedoch region. Grandmothers are often tasked with looking after the children and the knitting club provides them an opportunity to create, to get out of the house, and to connect with their fellow community members.



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The Team


Ashleigh Seals


Carrie Noble


Ashleigh Seals

Ashleigh has been involved in community work since 2010. She finds great satisfaction doing this work, and it also gives her newfound appreciation for her own life.

Since joining the Sustainability Institute, her passion for children as well as young people from all walks of life has developed and grew even more. She is currently working towards completing her Honours degree in Social Work. This role is providing her with wonderful experience as she is engaging with people both on an individual as well as community level.


Carrie Noble

Carrie is the Youth Programme Assistant, and she is a resilient woman who is passionate about individuality, youth development and standing up for what she believes in. She is a team player and encourages unity.

She completed her undergraduate diploma in Sustainable Development at Stellenbosch University, exploring things such as social entrepreneurship, complex and design thinking, mentorship and facilitation. She has always seen herself as an activist for positive change. “Being able to walk a path with the youth is a gift I will always cherish.”

In her free time she enjoys dancing (she is a classical dancer, and danced at a ballet studio for 12 years) and trying out new creative things.

Success Stories

Ferdinand Engelbrecht  comes from a small farm in the Lynedoch Valley. We met him in 2017 when we were busy with our annual surveys. In 2018 he was a participant in the youth programme where he excelled. In 2019 he began a paid internship at the Sustainability Institute with the goal of developing some professional skills. Ferdinand’s confidence built throughout the year, and he was successful in gaining a full time position working at a neighbouring NGO that supports youth from his old high school. Ferdinand’s motto in life “I will never give up” will bring him far and we will be here cheering him on all the way.

Athalia Hlahatsi grew up in the Lynedoch Valley, attending Lynedoch Primary School. Athalia is the oldest of two. Athalia attended CHANGES youth for many years. A few years ago, along with Daniel Nero, she went to London after winning a competition run by the Institute in conjunction with the Lexi Cinema. After high school she worked as aftercare facilitator at the SI, interacting with our local youth on a daily basis. In 2016 Athalia enrolled at Boland College and with financial help from the Lexi Cinema, Athalia could pay her study fees and pursue her studies in hospitality. She visits often and has even done one or two assignments on our local Green Cafè.

Duran Byman graduated from the Lynedoch Youth Programme in 2011. Throughout his personal journey, he received support and guidance to overcome exceptional circumstances and eventually find a career path that he is passionate about. Duran was able to complete his qualification in Basic Education and through our network of support, he secured a bursary to pursue his degree in Education. “For me this career is more than just earning a salary. I want to become the teacher I always wanted and make a positive impact on the lives of all children I interact with. My future plans is to start a tutoring center in the Lynedoch Valley where I want to assist adults from the surrounding farm communities with basic maths and literacy.” Testimony to this belief, he offers Mathematics tutoring to children in the Lynedoch Eco-Village on Saturday mornings. We celebrate your successes with you Duran!

Alistair Blankenberg  grew up in rural Vlaeberg outside of Stellenbosch, a community facing lots of challenges including domestic violence, lack of housing, high levels of teenage pregnancies, high school drop outs, lack of proper access to water and electricity, neglected and malnourished children. Alastair’s chronically ill father raised Alastair on his own after his mother passed away. When CHANGES Aftercare started, Alistair was one of the first to join the group and he was able to access assistance with personal issues at home and particularly with math homework, and legal assistance to follow up on accessing a family social security grant. Today Alistair is a role model to our young ones from the community. He works at SPARK and we love that Alistair chose to give back to his community to inspire others. Alistair is a true life success story of courage and perseverance