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Master's Programme in Sustainable Development

As the various global social and environmental crises deepen, a new generation is rising up into leadership positions in the public, private and non-profit sectors that are required to possess a broad trans-disciplinary understanding of the various dimensions of these crises and related solutions. 

This integrated Master’s Programme aims to equip these people with the knowledge, experience and skills they will need if they are to grow and develop within this new field of career development. 

Delivered by Stellenbosch University’s School of Public Leadership in partnership with the Sustainability Institute, the Master's Programme in Sustainable Development is a multi-disciplinary global programme in the planning, management and practice of sustainable development. It is aimed at early and mid-career specialists and generalist professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors.


It comprises of two connected formal degrees, where students can choose to exit the programme after 1 year, and graduate with a PGDip qualification:

  1. Postgraduate Diploma (Sustainable Development) - 1 year (compulsory)
  2. MPhil (Sustainable Development) - 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time


To view the latest prospectus explaining the application process, modules and fees, please download it here.



Each year a cohort of 60 students - selected from over 200 applicants - embark of on a two-year or one-year journey in sustainability.  

Signing up for a PGDip or MPhil in Sustainable Development means more than an accreditation. You will meet and make a life-long network with a diverse group of like-minded, South African and international graduate students and working professionals, who are seeking to gain practical insights and deepen their understanding of what sustainability means.