Short courses

Applied Economics

The aim of this course is to provide course participants with an understanding of South Africa’s political economy.

This will entail an understanding of four dimensions of this endeavour: (a) the way South African economic history has been understood from a political economy perspective; (b) the dynamics of post-1994 economic policy making and why the challenge of radical economic restructuring has not been adequately addressed; (c) the challenge of state capture from the perspective of the literature on neo-patrimonialism; and (d) potential alternatives, including industrial policy, radical green economy developments, ‘radical economic transformation’ and Fanonist perspectives on resistance and change.

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Postgraduate students and practitioners seeking to learn more about the perils and possibilities of planning for inclusive and shared economic growth and development.


Mark is a Distinguished Professor and the head of the sustainable development degree programmes at the University of Stellenbosch, hosted in partnership at the Sustainability Institute.