Short courses

Short Courses

05 Sep 2020

In this three-day programme, we will cover shifting global and national social and environmental megatrends to make sense of sustainability discourse over recent years and to understand why and how businesses are responding.

05 Sep 2020

Imagine being able to look at the environmental disclosure of a company and gaining insight about the company’s strategy and pitfalls in the same sense that you would have gained when looking at the company’s financial statements. This is indeed possible. While many of the top 100 companies listed on JSE Limited already calculate their carbon footprints, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Before long, every company will need to calculate its carbon footprint and also strive to reduce it. Soon carbon (and water) footprinting will be implemented and actioned by all listed companies.

31 Aug 2020
This year we are excited to offer a short course on Reimagining Education! Through a week spent together at the Sustainability Institute, we will explore how learning unfolds – both conventionally and practically, and dig more deeply into movements to decolonise and re-connect learning to the living world we form an intimate part of.