Introducing a pragmatic guide to climate risk for business leaders

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Although climate-related risks are among the top three global risks identified by the World Economic Forum over the next decade, many business leaders find it difficult to identify the information they need to help them mitigate this risk. There is a lot of theory to digest, but few practical guides to show companies where and how to start.

Taking climate action is not an impossible task, however, as is evident from a new paper published by the Institute of Directors South Africa, Trialogue and the Sustainability Institute. ‘Climate Change Risk & Responses: A Guide for Business Leaders’ is a pragmatic primer on climate risk that provides clear recommendations for getting started on the journey to Net Zero – and beyond.

The March 2022 paper contextualises the issue and goes on to distil ten things every business leader should know about the climate crisis. It then outlines ten questions every business leader should ask and provides ten freely available, credible resources to provide them with practical support.

These resources have been aggregated with directors and corporate leaders in mind and will play a meaningful role in educating them about both climate risk and their duty of care in a changing business landscape. The resources will additionally help them to develop a clear strategy to address emerging climate risks.

Read the report here