ACCAI Network: Co-producing knowledge for sustainable food systems in Africa

The African Climate Change Adaptation Initiative aims to improve capacity to produce excellent and relevant research that can improve the sustainability of African food systems in the face of climate change. More information about the network can be found at The SI was asked to represent Stellenbosch University on this network of African universities that includes the universities of Ghana, Mekelle, Dar Es Salaam and Witwatersrand. As part of its role, the SI has supported five Masters' and one PhD student in their research, and provided them with opportunities to meet their contemporaries in the network at various training events held in Stellenbosch, Accra and Dar Es Salaam.

Dates: 2015 - 2018

SI Team: Candice Kelly, Etai Even-Zahav, Luke Metelerkamp

Partners: Universities of Witwatersrand, Ghana, Mekelle (Ethiopia), Dar Es Salaam

African Climate Change Adaptation Initiative
Sustainable Food Systems

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