Institute Contract Work

The Institute has been engaged in research contract work since 2011, offering its clients access to sustainability expertise shaped by the insights of the Institute’s academic programmes and the latest research conducted by its students, lecturers and associates.


Contract work is managed by a core group assisted by individuals and institutions within the Institute’s South African, African and international networks, offering expertise across a range of sustainability-related areas, including:

  • Cities and Infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy
  • Corporate Sustainability and Governance
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Alternative Economics


We offer the following services to our clients:

Sustainability strategy

Effective sustainability interventions require experience and a thorough understanding of the issues and options available. The Institute offers its clients relevant insights into sustainability opportunities, and partners with them in the formulation of strategies, models and designs that balance economic concerns with environmental and social responsibility.

Capacity building

Sustainability can be daunting if it is not explained in a clear and approachable manner that engages the target audience. Many of those best positioned to make the changes necessary to incorporate sustainability into business, government and community decision making may not have time to complete the academic programmes offered by the Sustainability Institute. The Institute provides short training courses tailored to the needs and expertise of the audience, from housing developers to financial institutions.


As the sustainability field is relatively new and growing rapidly, staying up to date requires access to the latest thinking on sustainability issues. The Institute undertakes transdisciplinary, applied research that addresses the specific problems and challenges faced by partner institutions in government, civil society and business. Connections with academic institutions from around the world allow the team to provide a range of outputs from summaries of academic literature and current trends to situation analyses and systems modelling.


The compilation of sustainability literature requires a thorough understanding of the field and a network of reputable contacts. Guided by leading academics at the Sustainability Institute, the research team has developed expertise in the management of large writing projects including international reports and books on sustainability, and is able to draw on experts from around the world to compile documents that are relevant and accessible to a variety of target audiences.

A list of some of our clients can be viewed here.


The Institute prioritises those projects that contribute to positive change toward a more equitable, sustainable world. The team is driven by the values of integrity, transparency, professionalism, collaboration, innovation and trust. Proceeds from consulting projects are reinvested into intellectual projects to further the research objectives of the Institute.