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The Sustainability Institute has been hosting a postgraduate and Master’s degree in Sustainable Development programme in partnership with Stellenbosch University since 2003. Since then hundreds of students have passed through our doors, each one leaving behind their footprints, and building memories of this wonderful place.

From your feedback, we know that you experienced a sense of community while studying here. You have, after all, helped keep alive the woodlands and veggie garden, you have swept and mopped the corridors and classrooms, and you have helped prepare many meals for the children. Each one of you has left behind your mark through your contribution to this space, and you have all played an active role in creating what this organisation is today.

As graduates of the programme we are all driven by creating a better future for South Africa and the world, and studying here at the SI means that we become part of the wider SI family.  To help connect us to our fellow changemakers and to stay connected to the SI we have created a dedicated Alumni Association.

How to become a member

To become a member is simple and requires no financial contribution. All you need to do is sign-up via the Google Form here, so that we have your contact details and a little more information so that we can offer even more customised content for you. Your information will not be shared with third parties.


What you can expect from the Alumni Association

Email Newsletter
Quarterly newsletters providing information on alumni- focused events, continued learning opportunities, and all other initiatives taking place within the alumni programme. The newsletter will also announce lecturer, volunteering, and research consulting opportunities.
Alumni Success Stories
Featured in each quarterly newsletter is a story about an alumni that is involved in impactful and interesting work in the sustainability field.
Closed LinkedIn Group
Exclusively for SI alumni of the Sustainable Development University programme for sharing relevant content, connecting with others, and providing career support/development through networking, posting job opportunities, and mentorship and internship opportunities.
Volunteer Programme
Matching volunteers to current SI needs, and needs of our partner organisations. Opportunities will be regularly announced through the newsletter and LinkedIn group. Volunteer opportunities will range in length, type and technical expertise requirements.
Job Shadow Days/Internships
Alumni are invited to host a current student at their place of work for short job shadowing or longer internship opportunities. This assists students with career guidance.
Soil, Soul & Society (SSS) Events
Interesting talks by dynamic speakers on current and relevant sustainability topics, hosted at the SI and in cities with high alumni numbers.
Once every 10 years we will host a big celebratory reunion in correlation with the birthdays of the SI. The first one is happening for the 20 Year birthday celebration of the SI on 1 November 2019.
Collective Connections
Arrange a Collective Connections event in your city and meet up over drinks with other alumni living close by. Invite current students and lecturers to create a stronger SI community.
Industry talks (such as SSS), think pieces, and alumni career interviews are recorded and made available exclusively through the closed LinkedIn group.
SI refresher courses
Attend a current SI PGD module at no cost to refresh your knowledge and keep up to date with the latest developments (make use of this offer once per annum). This excludes immersive learning journeys but alumni receive student rates for these.

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