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Understanding carbon tax is a crucial skill in today’s environmentally conscious global landscape.

Carbon tax is a policy tool designed to internalise the external costs of carbon emissions by placing a price on each tonne of emitted CO2. This innovative approach aims to incentivise businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, fostering a transition to a low-carbon economy.

Acquiring knowledge of carbon tax is vital for professionals across various sectors as it enables them to navigate the regulatory landscape, anticipate market trends, and develop strategies for sustainable business practices. In an era where environmental sustainability is non-negotiable, the ability to comprehend and adapt to carbon tax policies is integral for businesses and policymakers alike, fostering responsible resource management and contributing to a more resilient future for all.

    Target Group

    • Policymakers and government officials involved in climate change mitigation
    • Environmental or sustainability professionals seeking to understand carbon tax policies and liability
    • Business owners or executives interested in managing their carbon footprint and associated costs
    • Researchers or academics studying climate change economics and policy
    • Individuals who are passionate about environmental issues and seek to deepen their knowledge of carbon tax 

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    15 – 29 March 2024
    12 – 26 August 2024
    18 November – 02 December 2024


    Dr Marco Lotz



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