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Carbon offsetting is a practice designed to counterbalance the greenhouse gas emissions generated by individuals, businesses, or activities by investing in projects that either reduce or capture emissions elsewhere. The idea is to “offset” one’s carbon footprint by supporting initiatives that contribute to environmental sustainability. These projects can take various forms, such as renewable energy projects (like wind or solar farms), reforestation efforts, methane capture from landfills, or energy efficiency initiatives. Carbon offsetting is a practical strategy to address climate change, especially when the complete elimination of emissions is challenging or not immediately feasible.

Imagine a world where significant profits can be made by generating carbon credits and offering to individuals or organisations that invest in activities that either prevent the release of greenhouse gases or remove them from the atmosphere, effectively neutralising or “offsetting” their emissions.

Proficiency in this field is crucial for individuals, businesses, and policymakers alike, as it provides a tangible way to contribute to climate change mitigation. Understanding the intricacies of carbon offsetting allows for strategic decision- making in achieving carbon neutrality, meeting sustainability goals, complying with regulatory frameworks and pursuing profit driver carbon credit projects. It also cultivates a mindset of environmental responsibility and facilitates the transition toward a greener, more sustainable future.

    Target Group

    People who are interested in understanding the concept of carbon credits and their application in mitigating climate change; professionals in sustainability, environmental management, project development, finance, or policy; and entrepreneurs, investors or individuals seeking knowledge about carbon markets and are exploring opportunities in the carbon credit industry. 

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    04 – 25 March 2024

    29 July – 05 August 2024

    04 – 25 Novemeber 2024


    Dr Marco Lotz

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