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Curious about the carbon footprinting regulations and how it impacts your business?

Imagine peering into the heart of a company’s environmental practices, just as you would dissect its financial statements to see how you can make significant changes in carbon, energy and water use? At the Sustainability Institute in South Africa, we offer you the course to do so.

Why Carbon Footprinting matters

While many of South Africa’s top 100 companies already calculate their carbon footprints, many other businesses and organisations will be called to do the same so that the impacts can be reduced. This is your opportunity to upskill and act with confidence as you navigate the complexities of the carbon markets and analysis.

Six compelling reasons to take our course:

1. Calculate with purpose: Learn how to measure a company’s carbon footprint accurately by understanding the science behind it. Then you can discover the hidden opportunities for improvement.

2. Analyse and act: Our course equips you with the tools to analyse carbon footprints effectively so you uncover insights that matter. But we don’t stop there – action is key and you will find practical ways to reduce emissions and drive positive change.

3. Beyond carbon: Sustainability isn’t a one-dimensional journey. Everything is interconnected and there are other environmental footprints, like energy and water usage that shapes a company’s overall impact.

4. Legislation and disclosure: Be the informed professional your organisation needs in order to ready for the legislated domestic disclosures and the gazetted domestic carbon tax.

5. Avoid unnecessary risks: Given that carbon footprinting is a new and evolving science, it requires an open and considered approach. We’ll share perspectives on the pitfalls of the carbon industry and how these can be avoided.

6. Certificate and CPD points: On completion of the course you will receive a CPD Certificate of Attendance from the Sustainability Institute. You will be able to upload this certificate to the SACNASP website to be awarded 3 CPD points

Led by Dr. Marco Lotz, South Africa’s leading carbon expert, and his faculty experts, you will experience an enlightening short course on mastering carbon footprinting.

Our course is tailor-made for Carbon Analysts, consultants and senior managers: whether you’re already calculating footprints or aspiring to, you will develop your skills and know how to work with the results of carbon footprints to drive strategic decisions. 

Hosted by the Sustainability Institute, South Africa’s premium example of social justice through environmental restoration. 

Enrol now and together, we’ll shape a business world where balance sheets can guide environmental stewardship. 

Feedback from a professional, Yusuf, who completed the course: This course was completely relevant to my day-to-day work, previously I had been trying to navigate carbon footprinting without any foundation and grounding on key concepts. This course gave me the technical skills and the assignment gave confidence in dealing with my day-to-day tasks. 

Course dates: 18 July – 5 August 2024 | 24 October – 11 November 2024

If you enrol for all three #CarbonCourses during 2024, we will offer a 15% discount on the total fee! Enrol today