Eve Annecke

Eve Annecke’s masters level teaching is in transitions, ecology, spirituality and facilitation.

With an original vision of Lynedoch as a place of transformative learning from birth to PhD level, Eve co-founded Lynedoch Development, Lynedoch EcoVillage, Lynedoch Children’s House, Lynedoch Land Trust and the Sustainability Institute. Her roots are in her Montessori approach to learning, and process facilitation with a special focus on complex conversations. Eve served as founding director and board member of the Sustainability Institute from 1999 to 2018.

She is curating a new series of retreats called Re-enchantment: Exploring the Nearly Invisible as part of the Dreamcoat Collective. She teaches internationally, (annually at Schumacher College, UK). Her writing is emerging under the working title of ‘Becoming Invisible’. She has two amazing sons, a wonderful godson, loves her art, the wild, cooking, gardening and walking very far. www.eveannecke.net

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