New partnership taking students to the Amazon Summer School

New partnership taking students to the Amazon Summer School

Written by Rosie Downey on 2016-01-20 17:07:36

The Sustainability Institute is a proud partner of this immersive learning course that will happen in the heart of the Amazonian Jungle in Brazil from July 12 to August 1, 2016.

Any African Citizen (any Nation) and any student or former student of the Sustainability Institute will get 20% off on the price of the programme.

The Amazon Summer school is an intensive immersive learning course where participants will learn from experienced practitioners, the local community, the forest and each other in order to inspire positive action. Through a collective learning process, the group will build their experience together based on shared purpose, work and values.

The programme is sustainability focused and aimed at multi-talented participants who share a passion for sustainability and engagement and want to become part of a global community of thinkers and practitioners in this field.

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