Lynedoch Earth School - Soccer, Karate, Babies and much else

Lynedoch Earth School - Soccer, Karate, Babies and much else

Written by Eve Annecke on 2013-08-24 13:36:02

Small updates on the quiet knitting together that happens in our village, often without our noticing…

The Lynedoch Earth School crafts together our infant centre, creche, junior and senior clubhouses (including karate, soccer, nature-based learning), Umzi Wethu (learner-chefs based at the Farmhouse) and Young Farmers – working daily on Eric’s farm. In total this is about 150 children and young adults… creating their lives as part of our village.

Many of us participate and support in different ways. We all participate – from simply greeting the children through to actually spending time with amazing art work like Janine and Nelda … we know that there are challenges and bumps in building different South African futures, and our sincere thanks to the Lynedoch EcoVillage for helping make this possible.

Here are a couple of small snippets – Lynedoch United juniors were over the moon with the kit that Middleton Rangers sent out! (click HERE for the report) And the Baby Centre is growing in leaps and bounds (click HERE for the report).