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At the Sustainability Institute, we engage in transformative learning towards just and generative futures

Founded in 1999, the Institute is an international living and learning centre teaching, exploring and applying ways of being that are restorative. Our focus on children is centred within the Lynedoch Children’s House, Lynedoch Primary Schools and Lynedoch Youth programmes.

We are an expert in learning experience design for transformative education in sustainability in the African context. We offer knowledge, skills and a physical space for designing transformative educational experiences anchored in sustainability. Our expertise includes advisory and consulting services, offering and implementing learning programmes in partnership with other organisations as well as SI-led courses and workshops.

The Institute is recognised as a leading expert institution in navigating the transition towards social justice and change in complex futures in Africa, and forms an institutional base for some of the top academics in the field. Our research and practice maintains a strong focus on sustainable African futures, through our student, faculty and consulting research. Our focus on transformative learning from birth and social innovation is embedded through our research, teaching and practice.

Our goals

  •  To enable the transition to just and generative futures on the African continent   

  • To deliver holistic and outstanding quality education to our learners of all ages

  • To activate positive change within the communities where we work

Desired outcomes

  • Transformative education
  • Rigorous research
  • Inspiring experience

Our values

  • We draw on (our roots): gees, passion, innovation & sustainable revenue
  • We work together with (our trunk): ubuntu, ethics, respectfulness, commitment
  • We strive to bring forward (our branches): community, transformation, inspiration, learning

Our Visions

Trust Vision: To have a transformative impact on the lives of the children and youth in the Lynedoch valley through the educational programmes we offer.

Institute Vision: To contribute towards sustainable development through our role as an African thought leadership institute researching, teaching and practicing social innovation for the transition to just and generative futures