A 20 Year Journey

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It all started in 1999 with a vision to create a space where people could live and learn together in an ecologically sustainable environment. We share the story through the people that were part of shaping it.


Our 20 year journey: how it all started

In 2019 the Sustainability Institute is celebrating its 20-year anniversary. We reflect back on this amazing journey, and share our story as told by some of the people that made all of this possible.

Our 20 year journey: the building approach

The design of the Sustainability Institute was done by keeping in mind how available local resources could be incorporated into the infrastructure, how existing infrastructure could be reused and how the natural elements could be used to cool and heat the buildings. Take a look at how it all came together, as explained by the original architect, Gita Goven

Our 20 year journey: children at the heart

The SI is committed to putting children at the heart of what we do. Education is a right for all children and our core work focuses on enabling access to quality education for children from the Lynedoch Valley. This is our third video which focuses on the various programmes related to the children and youth. You will get a glimpse into the Lynedoch Children’s House, SPARK Primary school, the Youth Hub programme and Lynedoch United Football Club.

Our 20 year journey: the people that were here

This is our fourth video which focuses on the first residents of the Lynedoch Eco-Village. They will talk about their own personal experiences on the farm and how things have changed over the years.

Our 20-year journey: the Lynedoch Eco-Village

The Lynedoch Eco-Village is a mixed community organised around a child-centered learning precinct. It strives to be a working example of a liveable ecologically designed urban system that is self-sustainable. Above all else, the Lynedoch Eco-Village provides a safe space where South Africans from all backgrounds can live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature. In our fifth video, we share some reflections from residents.

Our 20 year journey: Sustainable Development Learning Programmes

The Sustainability Institute hosts programmes designed to challenge conventional thinking and open minds to new ways of doing and approaching the known while incorporating the entire space at the Institute as part of the learning experience. Take a look at the different educational programmes we have been offering since 2003.

Our 20-year journey: food connects people

Food brings people together. At the SI we not only prepare delicious locally sourced organic food, but our food garden provides fresh vegetables and herbs used in daily meals for the children, students, and guests. We reconnect people with where food comes from, and our food garden and approach to food serves as a beautiful living-learning environment.

Our 20-year journey: the woodlands

When the Institute started in 1999, there were not many trees and wildlife around. To restore the natural ecosystem and to create a green space protected from any buildings or development, a piece of land was put aside for an indigenous woodland. Over the past 16 years our students, guided by the vision of our woodland custodian Bryce Anderson and Fumanekile Qhinga, have helped to plant trees and shrubs that have grown into this beautiful, peaceful woodland. Today it is flourishing and what was once a barren space, is growing into a dense forest of trees and shrubs. The woodlands provide an opportunity for solitude and connection to nature.

Our 20-year journey: the SI today and beyond

Over the years the SI itself has undergone many transformations – yet at the core, our focus remains the same. We are extremely proud of what has been achieved and look forward to continuing this journey for many more years. #20YearsOurJourney

Sustainability Institute 20th Birthday

A beautiful video made by #ReWildTV Africa of our 20-year celebration that took place on 1 November 2019. #20YearsOurJourney