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Brazil is a country of contrasts and contradictions

Crowded urban centres give way to massive soy and cattle farms, while traditional communities live simply in the world’s most biodiverse reserve on the earth.

It’s vibrant and captivating – every traveller’s dream destination – yet Brazil faces many social and environmental challenges invisible to the average traveller.

Join our experiential immersion in the Amazon Jungle to live with, and learn from, this inexplicable rainforest and its people. Experience what life is like when all the city’s resources and politics are stripped away to reveal only nature in its simplicity and abundance. See how a group of people live in contrast to what we are familiar with. Here they live with a forest rather than from it.

This encounter, in partnership with South Collective and FAS (Sustainable Amazon Foundation), will shake all your senses and present an immersion like no other. The trip stretches over 11 days and includes pre-arranged interactions and learning sessions in the area. You will arrive in Manaus, also known as the City of the Forest, and encounter a place where 2 million people live in the middle of the Amazon. See how such a city is both different and similar to the cities we know and live in.

The immersion will be held in the Tumbira, a community on the Rio Negro that can only be reached by boat. This is the home of 30 families and they’ve been occupying this land for about a century.

As a participant on this trip you’ll have the rare opportunity to explore the deep knowledge around what sustainable development truly means in practice and grapple with the rich and complex scenarios that unfold when a community takes action to protect what is theirs, not only for their own sake, but for the sake of nature in itself. By doing this they hope to inspire action in other communities around the globe.

This trip is about understanding how a human community and a forest could live in harmony and dealing with the complexities that arise throughout.

Target Group

This immersive journey is targeted at postgraduate students, practitioners and curious travelers seeking to gain gritty insights and experience within food systems, water systems and biodiversity. An immersive learning journey such as this will leave you with new perspectives and insights that can be applied to a multitude of situations and complexities.

Date and Time

This journey has been cancelled due to COVID-19.


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