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Imagine being able to look at the environmental disclosure of a company and gaining insight about the company’s strategy and pitfalls in the same sense that you would have gained when looking at the company’s financial statements. This is indeed possible. While many of the top 100 companies listed on JSE Limited already calculate their carbon footprints, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Before long, every company will need to calculate its carbon footprint and also strive to reduce it. Soon carbon (and water) footprinting will be implemented and actioned by all listed companies. Central focus areas will include:

  • How to calculate a carbon footprint.
  • How to analyse a carbon footprint and act on it.
  • How to analyse other environmental footprints, like a water footprint.
  • How to be ready for the legislated domestic disclosures.
  • How to prepare for the gazette domestic carbon tax.
  • Some perspectives will be shared on the pitfalls of the carbon industry and how these can be avoided. Given that carbon footprinting is a new and evolving science, it requires an open and considered approach.

Target Group

People calculating the carbon footprints in organisations that report to senior management. This course will greatly improve skills on how to do carbon footprinting. It is also ideal for the senior manager that needs to act on a calculated carbon footprint. This segment will be similar to a management accountant that does not compile financial statements, but should rather act on the results of the statements.

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22 February – 11 March 2024

18 July – 5 August 2024

24 October – 11 November 2024


Dr Marco Lotz



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