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In this online short course programme, we will cover shifting global and national social and environmental megatrends to make sense of sustainability discourses over recent years and to understand why and how businesses are responding.

We will explore:
• How leading companies are moving beyond shared value to make clear commitments to operate within planetary boundaries and social foundations
• Practical frameworks, real-time case studies and tools for embedding sustainability into your organisational strategy, culture and decision-making

Key processes will include:
• How to prioritise, set strategy and goals
• How to set governance practices
• Narrative and storytelling
• Partnering for community resilience

We invite you to join this dynamic, practice-oriented short course!

Target Group

This short course is aimed at executive, senior and emerging leadership who are looking to understand how to make sense of evolving social and environmental mega-trends, and how to practically integrate these issues and supporting logics of resilience and opportunity into their core strategy, culture and organisational decision-making. Young professionals seeking to advance their career in this field would also benefit from this deep-dive into sustainability theory and practice for business.

Date and Time

31 Aug – 16 Sept 09:00 to 11:00 am, with complementary materials and activities that can be completed in your own time in between.


Dr Jess Schulschenk, Dr Ralph Hamann and Jeeten Morar

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