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The Sustainability Institute, the Social Cohesion Programme of the Human Sciences Research Council, and the Academy of Sciences of Southern Africa have established the Africa Human Genome Initiative whose aim is to build public awareness about the impact of genomics on African history and development. The main activity will be an international conference in March 2003 on this subject. However, smaller events will also take place. The next one is as follows:

The Origins of Humanity and The Diffusion of Populations in Africa

September 17 – 19, 2002

The Lanzerac, Stellenbosch
A Workshop of the Africa Human Genome Initiative

“The workshop covers a range of topics including a multidisciplinary
approach towards reconstructing African history and human evolution, the
classification of people, the naming of populations, and, finally, the
impact of human genomic diversity on disease.”

September 17
Opening Address: Two Cultures, the Sciences and the Humanities by Prof. Mark Swilling
Session One: Human Origins
Session Two: African ‘Eves’
Session Three: Language, Names and Histories
Book Launch: The Architect and the Scaffold: Charles Darwin, Education and Schooling in South Africa

September 18
Session Four: Classification of People
Session Five: Nomenclature of Populations
Session Six Deliberate Over Issues
Session Seven Recommendations

September 19
Session Eight: The Impact of Human Genomic Diversity on Disease
Session Nine: Biological Resources and Ethical Issues


Dr Wilmot James (HSRC)
Prof Njabulo Ndebele (UCT)
Dr Ron Clarke (Wits)
Dr Himla Soodyall (NHLS/Wits)
Prof John Parkington (UCT)
Dr Becky Ackermann (UCT)
Dr Lyn Wadley (Wits)
Prof Alan Morris (UCT)
Prof Robert Gordon (U Vermont,USA)
Prof Carolyn Hamilton (Wits)
Dr John Wright (UNatal)
Prof Martin Hall(UCT)
Prof Martin West (UCT)
Prof Satyo Sizwe (UCT)
Prof Henry Bredekamp (UWC)
Dr Nigel Crawhall
Dr Ashwin Desai (Durban Inst Technology)
Dr Melissa Steyn (UCT)
Mr Jodi Kollapen (Human Rights Commission)
Prof Wieland Gevers (UCT)
Prof Barry Mendelow
Prof Raj Ramesar (UCT)
Prof Valerie Corfield (U Stellenbosch)
Prof David Chidester (HSRC / UCT)
Prof Udo Schuklenk (Wits)
Prof Trefor Jenkins (Wits)