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The following quotes come from Masters and Executive students who attended the various Modules:

“The course has started to broaden my understanding. It feels like peeping around a half-opened door. I still don’t fully understand the whole process and sometimes I find it overwhelming. However, I see this as the first step in a fascinating journey.” Angela O’Brien (2003), South Africa, Cape Town, social worker

“I found the format of the course excellent! And very intense. We were involved the entire time. There was not really an opportunity to slip back in a non-participative mask – which is typically the case with courses presented in the traditional way.” Manjo Krige (2003), Namibia, Manager in a Telecommunications Company

“I really enjoyed group work. It gave an opportunity to put my views across. Furthermore, I got an opportunity to learn from other group members. Community projects such as tree planting and removal of alien plants afforded me an opportunity to expand my acquired knowledge and skills.” Thobile Gqola (2003), South Africa, Khayelitsha, community development worker

“At an early stage in the course, I found myself being jolted by the fact that some of my favoured ideas may not have much currency in this course. … I found myself questioning my own spirituality.” Vaughan Holmes (2003), South Africa, East London, lawyer in the Office of the Public Protector

“The set and setting for the overall learning experience feels exciting, powerful and full of opportunity.” Paul Cohen (2003), South Africa, Johannesburg, ecologist

“The teaching method used has accorded students an opportunity to participate in discussions and interaction with each other through working in groups.” Fillipus Shilongo (2003), Namibia, regional economic planner in the Namibian Government

“This course taught me to be more patient and how to behave when working in a group since all of us are unique with different personalities.” Tutaleni Nampula (2003), Namibia, Windhoek, full-time student

“I was really amazed because seminars, as I know them from back in Germany, are quite different. I especially liked the layout of the classroom, with everyone facing each other, as this created a very open atmosphere.” Tobias Herbst (2003), Germany, full-time business administration student

“Even if practical work done in the Institute is a minor part of the day, it helps to show what it means to work in a group. It seems to me that the last endowment that must be defended against individualism is the gift of community life, i.e. living as a group. This is the kind of behaviour one learns when one is involved in working together, sharing ideas, and experiences.” Teclesghi Gebremariam (2003), Eritrea, economist in the Eritrean Government

“It has contributed much to my appreciation of nature and to appreciate the fact that I was brought up in a rural setting where I have to do field work. This really connected me back to my roots and I have found it exciting and much appealing to do something that is contributing to the well being of the planet.” Lahja Hipondoka (2003), Namibia, regional economist in the Namibian Government

“The course was intellectually stimulating in that it challenged my thinking. The idea of the interconnectedness of life came through strongly. Reading material relating to sustainable development is now such a pleasure. The set up of the Institute encouraged me in a major way.” Bongi Mpondo (2003), South Africa, transport planner, Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research

“I can’t think of any better course combination and my wish is to do each and every module, if I could. In each and every module you get worried with the realisation of how the world carries on without the knowledge you come to pick up.” Lucky Malusa (2003), Zambia, Hotel Manager

“This program is a life long learning experience because of the group interaction and dynamic, sharing of experience and focus on reading and research.” Stephen Bullock (2003), Anglo Platinum

” I can see how signfiicantly the course has impacted positively on some of my ideas and on the work that I am doing.” Lisa Seftel, Chief Director, Policy Development and Coordination, Office of the Premier, Gauteng Government

“The enchantment with evolution of nature has been a great discovery and experience. ” – Thando Mapapu, Office of the Premier, Eastern Cape Provincial Government