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Thanks for Signing in

Thanks for signing in and welcome! This is a digital first step towards instituting a fully functioning Sustainability Institute alumni network which will hopefully include real world events in the not too distant future.

You currently have a very basic listing in the online alumni database. It consists of your name, graduation year/s and some of your contact details. We’d like to validate this information and have it updated where necessary and would like to ask you to spend a few minutes helping us out.

Step 1 – Update Profile:

Please click on the “Update Profile” option in the alumni menu on the top left of this page (or, you can click this link to take you there ).

Step 2 – Check Details:

Once on the update profile page, please check that we have the correct details listed for you and correct them where necessary.

Step 3 – Provide Additional Information:

Whilst there, why not provide a little more information that may be of interest to your study colleagues. Your module selection for your BPhil. is a good place to start and your MPhil thesis topic may make for some interesting networking potential.

The alumni are spread all around the globe and you can indicate where you are currently located by dragging the marker to the desired location on the map. You needn’t be precise unless you really want to be. An indication of general neighbourhood would suffice.

Please note that we acknowledge the importance of online privacy. Any information you list will only be available to logged in users of this site who constitute your fellow alumni. At a later stage we may poll you to find out what information you might want us to share publicly. There may be further networking benefit to this. But we’ll always ensure that you have the ability to control whether your information is listed publicly or not. We will also never give out your e-mail address or contact details to a third party without your prior consent.

Step 4 – Change Your Login Password:

You might also want to change the rather nasty looking password we supplied you with in our initial e-mail to something with greater recall ability. To do so, click on the “Change Login Details” option in the Alumni menu at the top left of the page (or click here to take you there).

Should you have ANY difficulty, please feel free to e-mail the Alumni team at alumni@sustainabilityinstitute.net.


The Alumni Team