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A dream comes trueToday a dream came true: we are visiting Sekem. Started by Dr Abouleisch in the desert 20 Kms north of Cairo, Sekem is a large social enterprise rooted in biodynamic agricultural production. It is now a large conglomerate  involved in the production of organically produced pharmaceuticals, foods, herbs and textiles. Profits are re-invested in Waldorf School primary education and vocational skills, and tomorrow Sekem launches its own University known as the Heliopolis University. This is why we are here.

Invited by Helmy Abouleisch, son of Dr. Ebrahim Abouleisch, we were invited to participate in the celebrations and to have discussions with people involved in the University initiative. According to its 2011 Report, Sekem’s total assets were 302 million Egyptian Pounds (EGP) which is roughly the same amount in SA Rands. Total revenue for 2011 was EGP 96 million, and profit before tax was EGP 1.2 million. It is a great model: a sound economic foundation that supports extra-ordinary investments in R&D and also sustainability-oriented education from pre-school through to University.