The Sustainability Institute Turns Ten

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Written by Adi Enthoven, Spier, and Sustainability Institute board member

I can hardly believe 10 years has gone by since the inception of the Sustainability Institute and the Lynedoch eco-village. If I recall correctly, my first interaction with the Sustainability Institute was a conversation with Mark and Eve sometime in 1995 or 1996 on a proposal to establish a leadership institute at Spier. This ultimately came to fruition in a much bolder dream; namely to not only create what became the Sustainability institute, but to embed it in a community that would seek to radically redefine the social and ecological reality of South African, and indeed global, living.

I’ve learned that these kinds of journeys do not have a destination, but what has been achieved in these years is truly remarkable. This community has become a leader in the living, learning and thinking about the world in which we live today, and the world we dream of for tomorrow. To Mark and Eve, the team at the Institute, Grantham and his team at the school, the residents of Lynedoch and to all of you who have made this happen, you can be really proud of what you have achieved. I for one am immensely proud to be associated with your achievements. I look forward to partnering with you into the future in your journey of not only dreaming, but building the dream of a world that we will be proud to hand over to our children.