Sustainability Institute visits Goedgedacht

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A group of Sustainability Institute staff visited the Goedgedacht farm just outside Malmesbury on 21st August.  The purpose of the visit was to gain a better understanding of their Olive Path out of Poverty Programme – integrated projects ranging from a preschool, youth clubs, food programmes and safe houses to name a few – aimed at addressing personal growth and development, health and education issues in the community.

A follow-up discussion was held a few days later where our staff had the opportunity to share their experiences which were collectively very positive with a great appreciation for the amazing work underway by the Trust.  Annie Templeton from Goedgedacht in turn fed back: “We LOVED having them [SI staff]. It was as if we were meeting sisters and brothers who so understood our struggles and challenges. We were all on the same page and it was quite wonderful.”

Subsequent to last week’s visit we have already identified some areas where knowledge could be shared and where opportunities exist for the Institute and Trust to work together and benefit from each other’s expertise.  Several ideas are in discussion at present and will be followed up by a reciprocal visit of Goedgedacht staff at the Sustainability Institute in the near future.