Revisiting Food Security in New Delhi

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It gives us great pleasure to announce that Prof Tarak Kate, convenor of the Biodiversity and Sustainable Agriculture course at the Sustainability Institute and Extra-Ordinary Professor in the School of Public Management and Planning, has been invited to participate as a speaker at the “Revisiting Food Security” conference in New Delhi. The conference, organized by the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture and the National Alliance on Sustainable Agriculture in India, will be held in the third week of September 2010. Other renowned leaders in the field, such as Prof. Amartya Sen and Miguel Altieri, will also share their views. Prof Tarak Kate has a Phd in Botany, and for the last 22 years has specialised in appropriate technology, organic recycling, sustainable agriculture, renewable enrgy, and waste utilization. His main work is helping small farmers in India with holdings of less than two acres to maximize returns from their land.

Eric Swarts (farmer & Lynedoch resident) & Prof Tarak Kate