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On Tuesday 2nd October the Changes Youth Group had their first break-dancing lesson with Emile YX who has been involved with the hip hop culture since 1982 and is a founding member of legendary South African Hip Hop Group Black Noise. As break dancing was top of the list of activities that the boys wanted to learn with the Changes group he seemed the best person for the job.

Emile and Leticia started the boys off with a quick warm up and then taught them as many moves as they could handle for the duration of the class. It was a fun afternoon with a lot of laughter from the boys at both themselves and each other when sometimes the moves didn’t work so well.

Last Tuesday Emile returned for the 2nd class, this time he brought some of the break dancers from a National Team to show the boys what they will be able to achieve if they practice and the boys were very impressed as some of the moves they do are amazing!