Monitoring our solar energy

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We can monitor the daily output from our solar roof tiles via a web-connected portal located on the Sunnboy website. This, coupled to the data from the weather station that has been installed, makes it possible for us to correlate daily temperatures, wind speed and solar radiation levels with the amount of solar energy we generate. So, for example, on 12 April we generated 18 kWh; the temperature hit 28 degrees C at 14h00; windspeed was just short of 18 Km/h by early afternoon; and by 12 noon the solar insolation was 850 Watts per square meter. We also know that we have generated just over 18 000 kWh since we installed the roof tiles in late 2008 which, in turn, saved just over 12 500 Kgs of CO2.

View live data from our roof-mounted Solar PV Power Plants (this depends on a 3rd party website over which the Sustainability Institute has no control. If the data is not available at present, please try again later.