Masters Modules Completed

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In mid-August 2003 the last of the twelve core modules on the Masters Programme was completed. This means that between the last week of January 2003 and the end of the second week in August 2003, the Sustainability Institute and the School of Public Management and Planning successfully delivered the twelve core modules that make up the Masters Programme. Approximately five students completed their course work this year. They were able to do this because they were studying full-time. The rest of the group that registered in 2003 – 37 altogether – will complete the rest of their modules in 2004. However, at least half the group have already begun to write their research proposals. These cover a fascinating and wide range of topics, from micro-finance in Eritrea, to EcoVillage Development in Namibia, through to corporate citizenship and urban agriculture in South Africa. Given that these are substantial pieces of work, over time this group of masters students will be generating a significant body of leading edge thinking on sustainability issues in Africa.

It is worth noting that in addition to the formally registered masters students, there were a significant number of non-degree Executive students who attended the modules as one-off courses. A total of 22 Executive students did the various modules. There is considerable interest from this market in the 2004 modules.

A large number of applications have already been recieved for 2004. It is not going to be easy to limit the number of new applications to between 30 and 35 people. However, no matter how many are admitted, an effort will be made to retain the diversity that was such a strengh in 2003. The almost equal spread across the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as a spread across genders, age and background, contributed significantly to the learning experience.