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Conferences that will be attended along the wayMark Swilling and Eve Annecke departed on 26 August 2012 for Europe and Australia, arriving home on 12 October. During their travels they will attend and deliver papers at various interesting international conferences and meetings. Most of their talks will be based on their book or a new paper by Mark Swilling referred to below – click HERE to access the paper. These are as follows:

29-31 August: 3rd International Conference on Sustainability Transitions, Copenhagen. Mark will deliver a paper entitled Just Transition and the Next Long-Term Development Cycle: Warnings from Africa
1-6 September, World Urban Forum, Naples. With 10 000 already registered for this huge global summit on the future of cities, this is going to be a busy time. Mark will host one of the Network Sessions that will take place on the first day. The purpose of this session will be to launch a report he co-authored for the International Resource Panel entitled City-Level Decoupling: Urban Resource Flows and the Governance of Infrastructure Transitions. This report will be published towards the end of 2012. Mark will also talk at another main Network Session hosted by UNEP on Resource Efficient Cities. Various side events will also be attended.
14-15 September, Gloucestershire, UK. Mark has been invited to deliver a talk on soils and food security at a meeting of a small group of entrepreneurs from around the world who invest in sustainable agriculture and who meet annually somewhere in the world. This year they are meeting at an estate owned by Prince Charles.
26-28 September, Brisbane. Organised by the Asia Pacific Centre for Sustainable Enterprise at Griffith University, this conference is entitled The Necessary Transition. Both Mark and Eve will deliver keynote addresses: Mark will deliver a keynote based on the similar paper he will have delivered in Copenhagen, and Eve’s keynote is entitled Radical Openness and Contextualisation: Reflections on a decade of learning for sustainability at the Sustainability Institute, Stellenbosch, South Africa
5-6 October, Berlin. Hosted by the Environmental Policy Research Centre at Freie Universitat of Berlin, this event is called the Conference on the Human Dimensions of Global Environmental Change. Mark has been invited to deliver a keynote address on the how policy-makers learn from science using case studies from his South African experience.

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