Lynedoch Primary Film Screened in Norway Film Festival

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Grantham Jansen, the Headmaster of Lynedoch Primary School  has just returned from Lillehammer, Norway where he  attended  the Amandus Film Festival. This festival showcased dozens of short documentaries made by high school age learners (between the ages of 13-18 years) from all over the world. Two documentaries made by six boys and six girls from the Lynedoch Primary School were screened at this film festival. The documentaries illustrated the lives of these young learners, their struggles within the South African rural farming context, and the joys they experience within these hardships.

Grantham and many of the learners at Lynedoch Primary see the school as a safe haven which shields them from the adversities they often experience in their home environments. The school celebrates youth and offers the learners a place where they can be nurtured, encouraged and where healthy role models enable them to grow to their potential, despite the often daunting circumstances they find themselves in.
On the 14th and the 15th of June, the school learners will host a talent and variety show at the school,  and their parents and the school staff will hold a semi-formal dance in Stellenbosch in order to celebrate the school’s fourth anniversary.  The school was officially opened on the 14th of June 2002, in order to coincide with Youth Day, which falls on the 16th of June.