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Phethang Mabeba is making great progress with setting up a registered company for Stanley Siphondo and Elijah Skosana whilst they are busy with the next phase of the storm water management project along the South Eastern perimeter of the village. We have adopted a softer approach with a series of wetlands and ponds cascading down side of the village (where we have a bit more space) to capture and direct storm water whilst providing micro-habitats for small wildlife as well as calming and cleaning the water.

We are in the process of scoping and implementing an extensive energy and water metering system for two pilot houses and a number of other ecological design projects onsite. The design for the metering systems is now underway. Phethang is also working on include solar street lighting, a clay oven for the agreencafe (given an increasing demand for Mathilda’s homemade bread) and the naming of all indigenous plants.

Sustainable building experts Elijah Skosana, Stanley Sipondo and Phetty Mabeba are setting up their own company
Mathilda Davids leads the way with energising agreencafe in amazing ways…