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One of the Sustainability Institute’s working partners, Groundwater Africa, is a consultancy that specialises in groundwater exploration, resource assessment and management. They view groundwater as an integral part of the water cycle, and believe it should be managed in a holistic manner. Their key services include groundwater exploration, resource assessments and management; designing artificial recharge schemes; and developing national policies and strategies in the fields of groundwater and integrated water resource management.

§ Developing a national approach to implement artificial recharge as part of water conservation and resource planning (Client: Department of Water Affairs & Forestry, South Africa)

§ Quantifying South Africa’s Groundwater Resources (Client: Dept. of Water Affairs & Forestry)

§ Designing the worlds first major artificial recharge scheme in a complex, fractured-rock aquifer, and siting deep boreholes for injection and abstraction (Client: City of Windhoek, Namibia)

§ Developing the groundwater management system for the City of Windhoek

§ Developing a regional framework for groundwater management; and developing a step-by-step guide on how to set up groundwater management systems (Client: NORAD)

§ Identifying prime drilling targets in complex hydrogeological terrains in the Easter Cape Province, South Africa; characterising groundwater flow, storage and recharge in this area; and developing a strategy to improve groundwater knowledge in this poorly understood geohydrological environments (Client: Water Research Commission, South Africa)

  • Groundwater exploration and resource assessments for towns and villages in South Africa (Clients: Various municipalities).