Gobal economic crisis and the sustainability transition

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Mark Swilling has published a new article on the global economic crisis and the sustainability transition. His argument is that to make sense of the global crisis and a possible transition, many re-interpret the past as a set of successive long-term development cycles that could repeat in the future. At the same time, environmental pressures have resulted in the notion of a green economy.

It is argued that the current global economic crisis simultaneously marks the end of the post-WWII long term development cycle, the id-point of the information age and potentially the start of a new era of sustainable development. It must be recognized that only certain futures are being imagined with Africa’s options largely ignored. As African growth rates rise as demand for its resources increase, it is necessary to question whether Africa is appropriately positioned to take advantage of the next long-term development. he new discourse of ‘resource nationalism’ is promising, but only if governance modalities can be found that can transcend the resource curse.