Extra Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills Lessons

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Children at Lynedoch from Grades R to 7 have the opportunity of attending an additional literacy and numeracy programme as part of the aftercare facility which is housed at the Learning for Sustainability office.

It’s exciting for every child who attends to the extra classes in the afternoon, they usually can’t wait for their time to come. The children learn through playing and have a lot of fun.  The children are also the teachers in the classroom, because they help each other.

In the maths area we make use of the following materials:

  • Number Rods the Direct aim; to introduce the sequence of numbers. The indirect aim is to develop the mathematical mind; to logics and build mental awareness.
  • The sand paper numbers are to introduce the names of the numbers and  the numerical symbols for numbers. The unforeseen aim is the preparation for writing numbers and language development.
  • The Spindle Boxes are to facilitate the sequence of numbers, 0 to 9 also from left to right and also learn 0 is nothing. The indirect aim is to building integration of the mind; the hands and also language.
  • The memory game is for further practice in association of symbols; quantity and development of memory.  The indirect aim is for developing self-discipline and training the will.  It also assists in developing concentration and independence.