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During the course of August 2003, the architects who designed the Main Building in the Lynedoch EcoVillage, ARG Design, recieved a Commendation from the Cape Institute of Architects for the way they designed this building. The Commendation reads as follows:

“The most important accolade of the Lynedoch Community Hall and school is the creation of a facility that serves a community that is diverse, and largely in the lower income bracket. The combination of the different but mutually supportive funcitions: a primary school, multi-purpose hall, a Sustainability Institute which offers post graduate studies and catering facilities amongst others, is another demonstration of the commitment to rebuilding the social fabric of the local community. Here architecture plays the role of active social responsibility, combining planning and building principles with the developmental needs of the immediate community.

The architects have responded to the requirements of the brief with a well thought out, integrated environmental design concept and commendable implementation strategy. Environmental sensitivity and sustainability has been expressed throughout the planning process and construction of the building and its 5 environmental zones. The environmental concept is based on the principles of passive, low-energy interventions. The optimisation of natural resources for cooling, heating and sanitation through the separation of ‘black and grey water’ is a further demonstration of the commitment to sustainability. Sun control to protect classrooms, the technology of rock storage and the use of insulation throughout the building conveys the Architects’sound understanding of environmental design.”