Building A Market for Organic Agricultural Produce

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A unique partnership between Investec Bank, Abalimi (urban agriculture NGO), the Provincial Government and the Sustainability Institute has resulted in the establishment of a centre for entrepreneurial support and business services near the proposed Phillipi market just off the N2 highway near Cape Town International Airport. A ten hectare property has been acquired with funding from Investec, plus various other business donors and investors. The aim is to start the construction of a building that will house various NGOs and businesses that service the needs of emerging farmers, with a bias towards organic agriculture. This will be surrounded by a model organic farm that will serve as a demonstration and training farm, plus produce products for local and international markets. This project will be closely linked to the Masters Programme in Sustainable Agriculture which will take in it’s first group of students in January 2005. The Phillipi market project will take in interns during the course of the year who will help support the development of the project, plus develop valuable experience from being part of a highly energised multi-stakeholder partnership of projects that are all committed to supporting the development of emerging farmers. The Sustainability Institute is a founding member of the Section 21 Company that has been set up to manage this project and will be represented on the Board.